RECAP paper reaches 500 citations

A paper on Building Block Design (RECAP analysis) has reached 500 citations. For me, an endorsement of this pivotal publication.

Back in the last millennium, High Throughput Chemistry was wrestling with how to make appropriate compounds for High Throughput Screening. At the time commercially available starting materials were limited to chemical intermediates, used in various industrial processes. Although a pragmatic source, they did not reflect what was required to generate appropriate leads for drug discovery. To address this lack of design we established a method based on known drug molecules – RECAP. The reason for highlighting this paper now is it has just reached a landmark of 500 citations in the literature. RECAP has been used in a variety of ways, building blocks, fragment libraries, toxicology studies, to see the original text:  

RECAP Retrosynthetic Combinatorial Analysis Procedure:  A Powerful New Technique for Identifying Privileged Molecular Fragments with Useful Applications in Combinatorial Chemistry J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. 1998, 38, 3, 511–522

My thanks goes out to my co-workers: Xiao Qing Lewell, Stephen P. Watson, and Michael M. Hann