Evolution of commercially available compounds for HTS a Foundation Review,

A critical assessment of 16 million commercially available compounds.

A comparison of vendors’ offerings.

How the offerings have evolved to meet modern physiochemical requirements.

A selection of 500,000 lead-like compounds that can be sourced from just 6 suppliers.

Open Innovation in Drug Discovery research comes of age, Drug Discov Today (2012),

The Drug Discovery landscape continues to evolve, not only in
the science and technology, but also in the way in which research
is conducted. This is particularly evident in the UK, where big
pharma has down-sized its research groups and is concentrating
more resources on development. One consequence of this shift is a
rise in the number of related science parks across the UK. Thus a
new model is emerging, where proportion of research up to Proofof-
Concept (PoC) stage of a New Chemical Entity (NCE) will be
performed outside of big pharma in smaller research groups. This
note highlights important aspects of this new model.

Open Innovation and Intellectual Property: time for a reboot?
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Drug Discovery within the pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of a major change and this is particularly evident in the UK. Many organisations are reducing internal research programs in therapeutic areas which are not considered economic. This editorial proposes two changes to patent law, which if implemented should result in:

  1. A greater emphasis on research into less tractable therapeutic areas, coupled with a more equitable and transparent period for a return on investment.
  2. An enhanced patent landscape to foster open innovation in Drug Discovery.

Outsourcing in early drug discovery: evolution and opportunities

The article describes the evolution of outsourcing within early drug discovery at
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), specifically for chemistry services applied to developing a
compound from the screening hit through lead optimisation. It will touch on
different business models, factors to consider when selecting potential CROs, the
benefits of outsourcing and CRO management. European Pharmaceutical Review,
Volume 17 | Issue 2 | 2012 p53