Awridian has a proven track record with a range of groups across Drug Discovery, these include start-ups, small bio-techs, pharmaceutical companies, and academics.

In these unusual times it is important to ensure you have the best advice when engaging with service providers, here Awridian has a strong network with up to date experience.

Areas of expertise are illustrated by publications and presentations which include topics such as new modalities, open innovation in drug discovery, the evolving landscape of charity sector’s engagement with drug discovery along with screening compound, fragments and building block design and acquisition.

Awridian can move your project forward by identifying a supplier of the required service for example chemistry (arrays, test compound, fragments, or intermediates) or biological assays (in vitro, in vivo and DMPK). Furthermore, Awridian recognises that acquiring the appropriate compounds either for hit identification projects, or for larger projects such as refreshing your screening collection is critical.  In addition Awridian can advise on the tractability of Medicinal Chemistry Projects and how to enhance your chance of success.

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