Awridian Ltd provides a discovery science consultancy service to both Industry and Academia. The company is based in the UK and was formed in December 2011. The founder has extensive experience in managing pre-clinical drug discovery project, in particular, complex early phase lead generation projects and also managing chemistry outsourcing collaborations.

Should you need to review your current strategy of outsourcing, or just starting out, Awridian can make a difference and get you where you need to be in a cost effective and timely manner.
Awridian understands the current landscape of Contract Research Organisations (CROs), in many parts of the globe principally US, UK, Europe (both East and West), Asia including India and China.
There are various business models available to work with CROs either on a fee for service (FFS) or Full Time Equivalent (FTE) models. Newer business models include Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing.

Should funding be an issue, then Awridian can advise on probably solutions.

Awridian can move your project forward by identifying a supplier of the required service for example chemistry (arrays, test compound, fragments, or intermediates) or biological assays (in vitro, in vivo and DMPK). Furthermore, Awridian recognises that acquiring the appropriate compounds either for hit identification projects, or for larger projects such as refreshing your screening collection is critical.

In addition Awridian can advise on the tractability of Medicinal Chemistry Projects and how to enhance your chance of success.